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NameStaff OpinionStaff RatingYour RatingReviews
A la Carrera (closed)Decent, with Issues0+1.56
Amaya's Taco VillageFrontage Road Tex-Mex+2+1.523
Bear Rock Cafe (closed)Nothing Special0+2.528
Billy's On Burnetn/a-+24
Bone Daddy'sSkanky-1+239
Burger House (closed)Lawry's Style0+26
Burger TexBurger Dry0+0.510
Cafe JavaNice spot+3+2.516
Camino RealMe Gusta+2+215
Casino el Caminon/a-+212
Charlie's Steak House (closed)Throwback+3+1.515
Clay Potn/a-+25
Conans PizzaGood Buffet Deal+2+2.59
Culver'sDamn good ButterBurger!+2+1.512
Dog Almighty (closed)Dog Disappointing0+1.51
Dos BatosWoodfired+2+1.53
Dot's Place (closed)Home Style+2+1.521
El MatadorHo Hum0+2.53
Elevation BurgerBetter than Expected+2+16
Enchiladas Y MasToo Glop0+0.54
Firehouse SubsSteamy+2+14
Five Guys Burgers and FriesMighty Fine, heh heh+1+0.54
Food ShuiTasty+3+2.527
Fuddruckers (closed)Fresh but Pricey+1+113
Gabbi's Burgers and Dogs (closed)Another Dry Burger0+39
Hat Creek Burger Companyn/a+2+25
Highland LanesNot Spare!+2+1.54
Hill-Bert's BurgersDecent/Filthy+1+112
Jardin CoronaPoorly Structured Lunch Specials0+2.525
Jersey Mike's SubsDo it Mike's Way+3+218
Jim'sCheap Grits+2+2.55
Kerbey Lane CafeDry Migas0+1.58
Kiefer's CafeFriendly Place+1+218
La MoradaNi Bueno ni Malo0+0.512
Los PortalesChip Recylers?-1+1.58
Los ReyesMucho Queso0+13
Lucky's Chicago Style GrillAuthentic+2+215
Maudie's North LamarHo Hum0+1.54
Mighty Fine BurgersBurgers+1+124
Mike's Pub (closed)Austin Grease Pit+1+13
Mongolian GrilleEh+1+17
Moonies Burger HouseHefty burgers+1+1.512
Mooyah Burgers & Fries (closed)Zzzzz0+1.55
Ninfa's (closed)Still Good, but Odd+204
Original Pancake HouseA Little Disappointing+1+212
Red RobinOrnithological Burger+1+117
Riata Bar and GrillBoring Bar Burger0+28
Saccone's (closed)Good Thin Crust+2+16
Sambet's Cajun Delin/a-+122
Schlotzsky'sGood hot sandwiches+2+1.510
Taco ShackDecent Tacos+1+0.54
TacodeliI Don't Get It0+235
TerraBurger (closed)Earthy0+112
TexadelphiaUsed to be Better+1+0.510
Texas RoadhouseWestern0+2.55
Thundercloud SubsGood solid subs+1+124
Top NotchGreatness+3+2.516
Torchy's TacosSolid Tacos+2+2.53
Water TankBar Food0+1.53
Waterloo Ice HouseOverpriced and Underflavored0-0.512
Which WichShiny+1+231
Willy O's (closed)Grill-Free Zone+1+1.58

AusLunch News

Moved Hosts


Last night I moved to a new host, which has been great so far--Webfaction (I've already got some other sites running there. Their Django support is great. So is their Wordpress support).

Auslunch was down for about 8 hours Monday with no action by my previous hosting provider. Moving to Webfaction was pretty painless.

Yet More Burgers Coming to Town


Just read online that Atlanta-based "Flip Burger Boutique" is eyeing an Austin location. Looks like a high-end burger experience, manned by none other than Top Chef's Richard Blais. Should be interesting.

Check their edgy site here: Flip Burger Boutique.

Looks a bit too hi-tone for me, but we'll see.

Austin Burger Updates


Five Guys has opened! I have not had a chance to check it out yet though. And the TerraBurger site is now online, providing more insight into this new local burger chain. The North Austin location should open in December according to the site.

Another Burger Option


Noticed a sign on the 183 frontage road (northbound) near Braker for "TerraBurger", coming soon. Found this website, which does nothing to clear up the mystery:

Mooyah Now Open


Mooyah finally opened its doors. See how it fared in our review. Hint: I'm looking forward to the opening of 5 Guys :)

New Burger Options Coming Soon


There is discussion on Chowhound about two new burger places opening soonish here. First is Mooyah, a Dallas-based chain. It is due to open any day now at Burnet and 183 (has been under construction forever) Their thing is "Just burgers. Just fries. Just better." Yelp reviews for the Dallas locations are mostly positive.

Next is Five Guys, which I read about on some NY burger blogs--A Hamburger Today and George "Hamburger America" Motz's Hamburger America blog. Sounds promising. Just received confirmation from the company on location and date: It does look like we will have a store to be located at 3208 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX. Its projected opening date looks to be on or around the first week of November.

Forum Taken Down


I have removed the forum from the site. It became nothing more than a spam magnet. I am going to move the old forum posts over to this blog format once I get it fully implemented.

Great Cheesesteak


I had heard good things about Hog Island Deli, a downtown-ish Austin sandwich place, and finally had a chance to try out their much vaunted (on Chowhound if I recall) cheesesteak. I must say, it's the best cheesesteak I've had in a while. Much better than the now-mediocre Texadelphia, and better than the pretty good cheesesteak at Jersey Mike's. Hog Island's cheesesteak was so tasty that I had three of them in a span of 4 or 5 days that I had the rare opportunity to be close to downtown.

I only wish they had a location up north.

Site Update


I overhauled the design of the site for the first time since its launch. Was time for an upgrade. At least we hope it will qualify as an "upgrade". Anyway, a few more changes are on the way, including making this little bit of the home page a "live" blog. And of course we need to go out and hit up some new's been a while.