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This restaurant has CLOSED!
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4005 W Parmer Ln Suite E
Austin TX 78727

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About Bear Rock Cafe

Lodge-like setting in this national chain. First Texas location is the one in Austin. Self-described as a "mountain fresh restaurant franchise."

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Nothing Special

Reviewer: Chris

Original Review Date: 08/26/2005

Rating: 0/+3(Ho hum)

This is a chain out of North Carolina, and the Austin location is their first in Texas. They appear to be expanding rapidly (judging from the store openings listed at the website).

It's like dining in Cabela's, I guess (haven't been there). There's a stone fireplace, exposed wood beams, etc. And this lodge theme is strongly reinforced by their goofy menu items: "mountain-stuffed sandwiches" (huh?), "Rockslide Focaccia" (a roast beef sandwich), "Mountain Bird" (grilled chicken sandwich, on a "Bear Rock Roll" no less), "Cascade Tuna," etc. You get the picture.

I had the half-sandwich and soup combo ($6.81) with the "Baked Potato Mountain Chowder" and Roast Turkey & Bacon sandwich. The portions were fine, but the sandwich was pretty bland, and the soup was nothing special. They apparently bake their own bread there, but the sourdough on my sandwich didn't impress me (and it looked like Wonder Bread slices--see the pix).

I noticed a neighboring diner with an entree salad that looked quite substantial (in this case, the term "Mountain Salad" might actually apply) if you're into that. I didn't see any reason to go back.

Geek Bonus: WiFi.

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Closed :-(

Reviewer: Bill Cox

Review Date: 08/07/2009 07:08PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Sad to report that Bear Rock has closed. They had great foodand they were always really friendly. Unfortunatly, over the past several months, business had declined to the point where the owners couldn't keep the doors open.

This regular (lunch at least twice a week) will really miss them.



Review Date: 06/25/2009 07:52PM

Rating: 0/+3(Ho hum)




Great atmosphere, Great Value

Reviewer: John Simpson

Review Date: 03/31/2009 08:38PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I have been to Bear Rock many times and while you can't be all things to all people, the negative comments I see here simply do not ring true. I usually do not write reviews, but I do like Bear Rock enough to defend it against these ridicules people who in my opinion might have ulterior motives. Most people will not go to the trouble to look you up on the internet to write a review unless they have a really good experience or a really bad one. Not a bland one! Expensive, sure if you are comparing it to McDonalds.

Good food/warm and comfortable

Reviewer: Jan Willoughby

Review Date: 01/15/2009 06:15AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I almost live there. I am addicted to the place. Breakfast is essential and is very reasonable, which is where most professionals go to start their day as they have coffee and conduct business using free Wifi. This place is like family... only better.

Great Food,Friendly staff

Reviewer: anonymous

Review Date: 01/11/2009 05:34PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I love Bear Rock.I dont understand why anyone would say such awful things about the food or service.The food is always fresh and the staff is always friendly.Plus they do offer Free WIFI which I think most people take advantage of.Yes, the WIFI is free but that doesnt mean go in and use it,and not pay for anything.Ive been a customer of Bear Rock since its opened,and I have seen a lot of people just go in their use the internet and leave.Have some respect and at least buy a drink or some soup.I just dont get it.One thing I dont understand is how people complain about the prices.If its too expensive then dont continue to eat their.I for one think the food is great,and I will continue to pay the price without complaining.I sometimes feel bad for the cashier who have to deal with the customers who complain about the prices.I mean come on the cashiers dont make up the prices.All in all I love Bear Rock and will continue to eat their for as long as I can.

Great Stuff

Reviewer: Brian

Review Date: 09/10/2008 03:44PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Different and great choices. Very fresh and can eat healthy.
They get the free WIFI thing. Why people go to Starbuck's and pay is beyond me.
Friendly staff and very courteous.
love the place.

Great Food, great staff!

Reviewer: anonymous

Review Date: 03/24/2008 02:06AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I've been going to Bear Rock at least once per week since they opened in 2005. I have yet to be disappointed with the food or the service. Great variety of sandwiches and very fresh salads. Also, as others have mentioned, very friendly for laptop users.

Still Great!

Reviewer: Jenn Vargas

Review Date: 02/17/2008 09:38PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I have moved to San Antonio, but used to go to BR routinely when in Austin. The place is still fantastic. Low key, friendly, great salads and a great new pork sandwich. Actually you get two pork sandwiches with grilled pineapple and bbq sauce on them and they were super. Used my laptop as I always did with all the elec. plugs close by.
Still love it.
Thank You

Great for writing

Reviewer: Nicholas

Review Date: 02/02/2008 03:24PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I spend nearly every Saturday there writing, writing writing. Nice place, great food, good atmosphere, friendly staff.

If you want a place where you can sit, eat, work, and not get hassled by annoying staff. this is the place.

An Office Fave

Reviewer: Cheryl

Review Date: 11/14/2007 06:57PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Our office is right across a parking lot, so this is a favorite for many of us. You can't beat the Napa Salad--which is HUGE and filling. All the sandwiches I have tried are extremely tasty. The Pizzitas are not soo good--lots of the same cheeses on all varieties. They make a wonderful Angus burger.

Very Good

Reviewer: Paul Westhead

Review Date: 11/06/2007 04:01PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Friendly help, quick to get my food and my sandwich was very good. it came on what they call flatbread and was very tasty. I also had a baked potato that was very large with ample helpings of butter, bacon and cheese.
I liked power outlets at every table. Seems like they really don't mind you using your laptop.
Good Stuff!

Different and Very Good

Reviewer: David

Review Date: 10/22/2007 02:04AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Somewhere between good and great!

Reviewer: Ralph Rider

Review Date: 09/26/2007 11:06PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

fresh food, friendly service and I can actually use my laptop without searching for an electrical outlet to plug in. They get the wireless thing (free) and they have great sans and salads

Great Selection!

Reviewer: Clint

Review Date: 06/15/2007 01:05AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

What isn't to love about the Rock??? Great Flatbread sandwiches, HUGE salads, AMAZING soups... the baked potatoes are huge. The only thing i don't like is that the main side is potato chips... they have bbq flavor on request. The service was good. It always seems like the cashier is new/ still learning how to operate the system, but the GM was very nice and offered a free cookie after the meal (btw, the cookie was one of the best Iíve had at a restaurant) I've also had some of the chocolate thunder cake, which was great as well. Iím only 20, but I'm a customer for life!

Surprisingly good

Reviewer: James

Review Date: 03/17/2007 03:47PM

Rating: +2/+3(Goooood)

I'm surprised and the negatives reviews, especially concerning portion size. My breakfasts have been huge! THe migas special was really good.

I went there with low expectations, because I wondered about the theme, but it's relaxed, casual and the service was very prompt. The food was pretty darn good and I thought a good value for the price.


Reviewer: Jenn Vargas

Review Date: 03/08/2007 02:11PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Food, service and atmosphere are always good. I go regularly and usually get the great Napa Salad, but they have added pizzas and Mahi sandwiches that I like as well.
They have plugs for laptops at every table and the staff isn't pushy about getting you out fast if you're using your laptop.
I very much enjoy the restaurant and would recommend to anyone.
It seems to me the negative reviews seen on this site all mention Jason's as being great-maybe the Jason's management is worried about gettting out done by Bear Rock!
Thank You

HUGE portions, great food, excellent staff!

Reviewer: anonymous

Review Date: 10/07/2006 04:15AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I have eaten here easily 50 times since its opening last year. A bit much? Perhaps, but the menu has so many options! I've tried several of the sandwiches, and while perhaps the less interesting options (Turkey on wheat, or turkey and bacon, etc) could be described as "bland", it's because they are by nature! If you're looking for something more "interesting", try one of the flatbread sandwiches, they're incredible!

When I see the negative reviews citing "bland" foods, I can't help but think they must have been going the run-of-the-mill route when ordering. The Moose is an enormous sandwich: I had to save half for dinner, and it was just as tasty four hours later! The salads are amazing, and the soups I've tasted (cheyenne chicken and rice, especially) were the best I've had. The service has always been excellent, excepting possibly during the height of the lunch rush, when they're absolutely swamped, or the half hour just before close.

People who mentioned using laptops were absolutely right, though. If you go in for breakfast or lunch and pull out a laptop, I have never seen an employee make you feel unwelcome or like you were a burden. They don't harrass you and leave you to your work, unless they're stopping by to ask if you need a refill of coffee or if you'd like them to clear your plate. They're remarkably friendly and welcoming, and it's a great place to go and relax!

I have been there many times, and I will undoubtedly return many times. I recommend Bear Rock with highest praise to all friends and family traveling through Austin, and to everyone I know in town!

Nothing special

Reviewer: anonymous

Review Date: 10/05/2006 04:58PM

Rating: 0/+3(Ho hum)

I've been to Bear Rock several times and have yet to be impressed. It's not bad, it's just not great, either -- it's just there. I find the food to be rather bland and the prices are too high -- it's not a good value in my book.


Reviewer: Chuck Griffin

Review Date: 09/21/2006 03:25PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Notebook computer outlets at every table. Best notebook friendly restaurant in Austin. The food is very good and a fair value. The staff is very friendly and willing to do almost anything to make your time at the restaurant pleasant. They don't bother you if you are working on your laptop for extended periods of time. In fact, they go out of their way to be nice.

Super Food & Very Friendly Staff

Reviewer: anonymous

Review Date: 09/21/2006 02:16AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Colorado Turkey Club and soup is my favorite. I eat at Bear Rock at least 3 days a week. Local place with very friendly staff and management who usually surprise me with a free cookie and or warm welcome. I usually don't write these things, but when I say a couple of the negative ones I felt compelled. They must work elsewhere or own something else that is getting hurt by Bear Rocks success. The owner is always around and very friendly and helpful and the GM is great too.

Great food/Reasonable Prices/Friendly Staff

Reviewer: Catherine James

Review Date: 09/21/2006 02:12AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Food was prepared quickly and it was very good. Napa salad and soup (Potato Chowder) were great. My wife had the Pizzetta and she loved it. I think it was the Greek Pizzetta.
I have recommended to many since our visit.

Great Fabuloso food

Reviewer: Louie

Review Date: 09/05/2006 02:20AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Bear Rock Rocks, I am very surprised at the previous reviews. I think Jason's deli left those reviews. Portions are huge, service is great, Price is covered by food quality and quantity. Atmosphere was very comfortable with couches to relax in. Overall I would definately recommend Bear Rock to anyone that enjoys a delicious and filling lunch.


Reviewer: Kathryn

Review Date: 07/21/2006 05:00PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I was in shock when I read the previous reviews! I had ordered one of their featured items and soup. Both were great! My sandwich was by no means small. I couldn't even finish and I had to split the soup with my husband - no small portions here. I also appreciated the fact that I had a choice of a wide variety of healthy sides, not greasey french fries. The atmosphere was pleasant and they offer free internet access. Nice local/neighborhood spot. I have already recommended Bear Rock Cafe to my friends. The reviews posted on this site were all written in 2005 - maybe this cafe has made changes since those reviews...

Yummy salads

Reviewer: MC

Review Date: 12/27/2005 09:59PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I love Bear Rock. It is overpriced a bit, costs me over $8 for a salad & tea, but their salads keep me coming back. One of the few places in town that really know how to make up a good salad. Their Napa Valley is their "most famous" and it is good, but I prefer the Nuevo Poblano or Spicey BBQ. I love this place, but then again.. I've never had anything but salad :)

OK food, poor service

Reviewer: Michael

Review Date: 11/07/2005 02:23AM

Rating: +1/+3(Not bad)

I have been there 3 times. Each time the food was OK (it is a sandwich, how hard is it to screw up) but the service was bad. One time, there were no napkins so I went to the counter to ask for some. I stood there for about 3 minutes before the manager noticed me and I asked for napkins. Rather than getting me napkins, he asked the girl taking orders to get them. She was in the middle of taking orders, so we did not get our napkins for about another 5 minutes. I went to the bathroom to get TP instead. Later, the manager comes out to check on us and asks if everything was good and we got our napkins. Yeah, we got our napkins, but not when we needed them.

Another time we went, I got the Mojave BBQ Chicken sandwich. It was also OK, but did not have any special flavor. The chicken and peppers portion was extremely small (more bread than either of these, and I got about 3 slices of pepper). The sandwich was also cut into four and on one cutting, there was no chicken, just cheese and peppers with BBQ sauce.

This place has potential, but until the service and portions improve, I am not going back.

nice setting, boring food, small portions

Reviewer: Marc Stephenson

Review Date: 09/21/2005 01:54AM

Rating: 0/+3(Ho hum)

If you ever wanted to eat a sandwich in a faux national park setting inside a strip mall in north Austin and you don't mind skimpy portions, this might be just the place for you. From the menu you would expect overstuffed sandwiches at least the size available at Jason's Deli, but they don't deliver. The reuben was as skimpy as the ones served at the IBM cafeteria. My chicken sandwich was okay, but nothing special. No plans to return.

Where's the beef?

Reviewer: a311shark

Review Date: 09/20/2005 11:50PM

Rating: -1/+3(Crap)

Bear Creek is very weak. I made the mistake of eating there last week. The portions are very small and lacking any real flavor. The layout of the restaurant is rediculous. They have the soda fountain in this little hallway that allows only one person at a time with a tray.