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1911 W Anderson Ln
Austin TX

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Humble North Austin institution.

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Mucho Glop

Reviewer: Chris

Original Review Date: 07/01/2009

Rating: 0/+3(Ho hum)

Chips good--thin, delivered warm. Salsa good. Noticed on menu that first basket of chips+salsa is free, then it's $1.50 per thereafter. Yuk. Not only is this cheap, it discriminates against larger tables. I have heard rumblings of this phenomenon on Chowhound, but this is my first encounter with chips that are not gratis.

Enchilada plate looks like most of the others I've tried around Austin--sloppy presentation with tons of cheese and sauce etc all glopped on the plate forming one nebulous Tex-Mex mass. It started out tasting pretty good, while the plate was still atomic hot, in spite of the gloppiness of it. But as the plate cooled, the flavor waned, and puddles of grease began forming among the mass of cheese and sauce and rice and beans. It went downhill surprisingly fast.

Sauce not bad really, onions good, rice boring, beans boring. Overall impression: too glop.

I was on track for a "Not Bad" rating at first, but the plate lost its appeal quickly as it cooled. That, plus the tacaño chip policy, plus the dingy and charm-free interior knock EyM down to a "Ho Hum" for me.

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Pricey for a subpar meal

Reviewer: Jaime Fernandez

Review Date: 04/06/2012 11:08PM

Rating: 0/+3(Ho hum)

Enchiladas Y Mas is alright. It's nothing fantastic, in fact, it's really just "okay." This would be alright if it was your normal hole in the wall restaurant with fair pricing, but the prices are just too high for a place with subpar food and nothing remarkable about the atmosphere. Consider this a warning and try a different place.

completely disagree

Reviewer: thehc

Review Date: 07/25/2009 06:58AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

i feel like your review of y mas is completely wrong! first of all you are wrong about the usual demographic of the customer base. second, you only get charged for chips and salsa if you do not order any food. maybe you went on an off day, which happens at every restaurant (trust me I cook for a living), but I have always had delicious, fresh and hot food. Sure the cheese is a little cheap, but it just adds to the ambiance. They have very fair prices every menu item is less than 12 dollars, save the fajitas for two. ( see ) I love their chalupa, it is cheesy and delicious. I will give you that the rice is a throw away but their beans are nice and a great compliment to the plate. Basically, I think it is great food, and so do many many other people, just drive by any night they are open and see the large group of people waiting to get in! You are guaranteed to not leave hungry if you get the Comida Mexicana. :)-thehc

Not worthy of my money

Reviewer: rolo-bolo

Review Date: 07/15/2009 09:25PM

Rating: -1/+3(Crap)

This is one of the worst places I have ever had a meal!

What kind of place sales you the rice and beans seperate from the rest of the meal?
The enchiladas had department store white squares of cheese!
The plate was 1000 degrees, but the beef was cold???
They charge you 1.50 for extra chips???
The tortillas were striaght from an HEB bag, terrible really.
It seemed like there was a gallon of green sauce!
They try to justify thier prices by filling up your plates with a ton of cheap rice and beans.

So, I hope no one makes the mistake of entering this sorry excuse of an establishment! I should of known it was not good when I didn't see a single hispanic in the joint! j/k!

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