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3208 B Guadalupe
Austin TX

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About Five Guys Burgers and Fries

National chain comes to Austin. Started in the DC area in 1986. Highly regarded by venerable burger blogs Hamburger America and Hamburger a Day.

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Some good pictures here. Was not that impressed with the burger, and even posted a follow up review on a subsequent visit.
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Mighty Fine, er, I mean Not Bad

Reviewer: Chris

Original Review Date: 11/22/2008

Rating: +1/+3(Not bad)

I've been looking forward to the opening of Austin's first Five Guys after reading positive reviews on some national burger blogs (A Hamburger Today and Hamburger America). They wasted no time in getting up and running (unlike the disappointing Mooyah, which took forever to be constructed).

This is a setup very much like the other newest additions to the burger scene here--Mooyah and Mighty Fine. Red and white color scheme. Emphasis on fresh everything (fresh never frozen beef, fresh-cut fries, etc). Prominently displayed produce and burger infrastructure items stacked in the open around the restaurant (e.g., at Five Guys, sacks of potatos form the barrier at the entry where you line up to wait to order, at Mighty Fine, the walls are lined with vats of mustard and ketchup, sacks of onions are stacked throughout the dining area, etc.). Wide array of free toppings (at Mooyah and Five Guys at least, not so much at Mighty Fine). For me, Mooyah falls flat (see my review). Mighty Fine has grown on me with their slightly thicker burgers and the thin fries, and Five Guys seems to have it down as well. One reason I liked my Five Guys experience is the fries--I like their type of thick cut fry, and they give you a very generous portion even if you order the regular size serving, and they are cooked crispy (unlike the soggy ones at Mooyah). I watched as the expediter guy who put the bags together dumped an extra scoop or two of fries into every bag he made. The bonus scoop was about the equivalent of a regular order.

As for the burger, it's good as far as a thin patty griddle burger can go. Nothing outstanding, but it was tasty and juicy enough.

One odd note is that they apparently only cook the burgers well done, although as they put it, "juicy and well done" (usually an impossible achievement). Their website proclaims "our opinion is that our burgers taste best cooked juicy and well done". They do end up juicy, and the patties are thin enough that requesting any specific doneness would be silly (unlike Mighty Fine, which serves slightly thick patties). I suppose the grease factor on the griddle keeps things moist.

All in all, a good fast food burger experience. It was very crowded, and parking is difficult, but there is still construction going on at the restaurant (it just opened in November), and there are some dumpsters eating up chunks of the parking lot, so when the construction is finished, it should open up more space in the restaurant and in the parking lot. Anyway, you can munch on the free peanuts while you wait.

Now we just need to get an In-N-Out here...

Arboretum Update: Made it to the new Five Guys at the Arboretum. Overall an OK burger and fries, but nothing outstanding. Burger kind of bland really, and the fries, while ample (with the extra dump in the bag), are just OK as well.

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Leave the burger, take the fries

Reviewer: Vanessa Nunez

Review Date: 02/24/2012 02:52PM

Rating: +1/+3(Not bad)

After many great reviews from a friend of mine, I decided to try Five Guys. What I found is what you can come to expect in Austin, especially so close to the campus. Over-priced food that doesn't offer anything special. If you don't mind spending $10 for all of the veggies (and complimentary peanuts) you can stomach then you may be in luck, but the burger itself is nothing to write home about. The atmosphere is so-so. I will say the cajun fries are delicious. It's not bad for a one time experience. Glad I tried it, but I don't think I'll be coming back.


Reviewer: Wuffr

Review Date: 06/21/2010 12:34PM

Rating: -1/+3(Crap)

I went to Five Guys on Guadalupe with a party eight for a monthly social. Walking in from the adjoining parking lot entrance it was evident ordering was at a counter across the dining area to the left. Not having a line during dinner hour, it wasn't obvious that customers are to form a line along the outer dining perimeter marked with a few boxes and potato sacks, navigating around tables to get into it. I assume they have only one floor plan for the chain regardless of main entrance.

The counter overhead menu selection was limited and not very clear on first glance. Closer inspection yielded a two color print scheme for some items like toppings only added to confusion on a first visit. The young woman at the register taking orders was helpful, made the transaction gave you a receipt and failed to tell you your order number on it would be yelled out later... much later. Cheeseburger, fries and a drink was $10 plus tax.

Tables and chairs were in adequate numbers and our group put four together to accommodate our party of eight. It was at that point I realized the tables were void of refuse but had not been wiped down, the chairs revealed debris as well. Moving the tables and chairs was noisy and annoying as they are made of heavy steel but painted to look like wood scraping across a tile floor.

Once settled into a spot it was off the the self serve fountain area for a drink, condiments, and napkins. Little cups are provided for a bulk ketchup pump, provided there was ketchup to be pumped. I had to grab a hand full of packets. The soft drink selection was expansive with refills.

It wasn't clear how the orders were prepared as all eight were called out sporadically without regard to content, all being burgers and fries. Brown paper bags are used to present the orders. The regular fries were overflowing in a paper cup they are served in captured by the brown paper bag, plenty for two. Unfortunately, they were limp, soaked in grease and subsequently thrown away. My cheeseburger with mustard, ketchup, onion and pickle was juicy and without flavor, the bottom bun was soaked and disintegrated as I consumed it.

There are better burgers and fries in Austin to be had and at a $10 ticket price it wasn't a good value.

Great fries, fresh jalapenos!

Reviewer: Spencer

Review Date: 11/13/2009 10:17PM

Rating: +2/+3(Goooood)

I tried out the new location at the Arboretum today. The signage is a little overwhelming - lots of "Best Burger, Des Moines Register" types of signs. I thought part of the marketing strategy of these types of restaurants is to make you think they're local, but the signs scream National Chain.

First, my biggest complaint: One of those signs mentioned that the food is "inexpensive." I didn't even notice the sign until after I had ordered a cheeseburger and fries and was $8.50 lighter. All of the burger toppings are free, but when you start out at $8.50, I'd sure hope they'd be free. In my opinion, $8.50 for a lunch without a drink at a counter service restuarant does not qualify for inexpensive status.

The burger was pretty good. It was made with two grilled patties and had plenty of melted American, though I sure would have preferred cheddar. The meat didn't have a lot of flavor, but was indeed juicy (read greasy), as advertised. The grilled onions and grilled mushrooms were a nice treat, though between the sparse pickles and tiny amount of lettuce, there wasn't much to give that satisfying veggie crunch that I like in my burgers. Not much to speak of regarding the bun, other than it got soggy and fell apart before I was done.

I agree with the staff review regarding the fries: They give you a lot more than you expect, and they really are good. A regular order is plenty for two people. I chose the cajun spice option, but I would probably just go with regular ol' salted fries next time. They're nice and thick, and stay hot for a long time (my main problem with Mighty Fine fries is that they get cold too quickly). I was hoping they'd be a bit crispier, but maybe the worker pulled them out a little early. At any rate, I definitely enjoyed them, though there was no way I could finish them all.

The biggest surprise of the meal was a spicy one: Five Guys uses fresh jalapenos rather than pickled ones. The fresh slices turn up the heat and add so much more flavor than those typical nacho slices do. This addition alone boosted my opinion from a +1 to a +2. It's my favorite thing about this place.

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