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13233 Pond Springs Rd Ste 301
Austin TX 78729

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Strip mall tex mex off 183.

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Suggested by Mike Deans--thanks!

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Poorly Structured Lunch Specials

Reviewer: Chris

Original Review Date: 11/11/2005

Rating: 0/+3(Ho hum)

Hmm, I'm detecting a disturbing tex-mex trend here in North Austin. My last two experiences both charged extra (and exactly the same amount extra, by the way) for a side of jalapeņos and onions. Harumph. That, as noted in the other review, is a Tex-Mex Crime.

As for the meal, the chips (thin like I like 'em) and salsa were quite good. It was a promising start. But the lunch specials confused things right off the bat. I found it odd and not very accomodating that none of the lunch specials comes with rice & beans. They cost $1.00 extra. It is not very tex mexy in my opinion to structure your specials this way. Rice & beans should be standard with all the "typical" tex mex platters. The specials do include a soft drink, though (as noted on the menu, "Soft Drink Includes"). I asked the waiter if I could substitute the rice & beans for a soft drink, since I had no interest in consuming a soft drink. He checked and they denied the request. So I forked over the $1.00 extra to get the rice & beans, which turned out to be pretty mediocre and certainly not worth an extra fee.

I got the #2 lunch special for $5.99--two cheese enchiladas, guacamole salad and chile con queso. The guacamole was good, the queso was good, the enchiladas were just ok. The cheese was a bit too velveeta-y (I realize velveeta style cheese is the norm for this type of tex-mex, and I embrace that culinary tradition decried by many-a foodie, but this cheese seemed just a bit too American-cheesy, for some reason), and the chile sauce was a bit thin. I like the chile sauce to be thick and rich. This was neither.

And then the check came, indicating 75¢ for the side of jalapeños and 50¢ for the side of onions. Truly disappointing. Add that surcharge to my rice & beans fee, and the meal approached $9.00. Quite a lot of pecuniary punishment just to try and assemble a decent plate of tex mex.

The service was just fair. My dirty plates stayed in front of me for several minutes and witnessed the passing of numerous servers before my waiter came by to retrieve them. The credit card bill was given to me without a pen.

So overall, the food is not bad, but there was nothing notable about my dish, and the extra nit-picky fees for tex-mex essentials leave a bad taste in my mouth, so Crown Garden is therefore certainly not worth another 10 minute drive from my office.

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Grade A

Reviewer: Mary

Review Date: 04/20/2012 05:16PM

Rating: +2/+3(Goooood)

Jardin Corona serves real mexican food, not the tex-mex hybrid we know and love. But if you're okay with this, you are in for a real treat. Friendly wait staff, delicious food, good portion size. If you have a problem paying extra for jalapenos or onions, you may want to go somewhere else. As for me, this place is a keeper.


Reviewer: barbaranadeau

Review Date: 10/06/2010 07:55PM

Rating: +2/+3(Goooood)

these encliladas remind of home in the 1970's a place called johnnny's mexican food we ate there until johnny died. this was located in the rio grande valley. if you live in austin and want to be taken back in time this is the place to go!!! my sister came to to visit and she tex message for days about how close it was. ask for Carlos!!!

Great food - fradulent cashier

Reviewer: forcedToBeGenerous

Review Date: 11/10/2009 05:48AM

Rating: +2/+3(Goooood)

Jardin has fantastic food - my favorite being the chile rellano, and some of the very best salsa in Austin. One thing you must do here is either pay in cash, or closely check your credit card receipts when you get home. I noticed that they helped themselves to a little extra on my card even though I very clearly stated on the receipt that I tipped in cash.


Reviewer: Jorge B

Review Date: 09/20/2009 11:39AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

To the first review"Poorly Structured Lunch Specials" you are a cheap A** that needs to to some thing about your taste, the food is the bomb, and its not tex-mex you retard its authentic Mexican so go back to mcdonalds where they offer a whole burger for a buck, but they do charge an extra dollar for the fries(cheapass) , and Chicken breast is stuffed in mexico you just go to get around more ese, before you make this mexican place seem like a tex-mex place! I love there fajitas and the margaritas can't be touched!!!

love it and willkeep going back year after year

Reviewer: anita j.

Review Date: 08/22/2009 07:56PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

This place is great. Lunch special is fine w/out beans and rice because you get filled from the main portion. Maybe that why it's not offered and has to be requested. The items on the menu are the same as other places in mexico. I like the variety that is offered. It's so hard to decide what i want to order it's all so good. So that why i don't become bored eating here year after years. Jardin your great. Don't listen to bad reviews. Wait staff has always been very polite, humble, and fast with tea, salsa,and chips refills. MMMMM maybe that why i had to take time to write this. There are so many over priced bad tex-mex places. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!!!


Reviewer: Jay

Review Date: 08/08/2009 11:15PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

If you don't get the Pipian chicken enchiladas, you're doing it wrong. Best enchilada plate I've ever had.

Best Mexican Food In Austin

Reviewer: Tony

Review Date: 07/09/2009 04:59PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I have been going to Jardin Corona since I discovered it about 2 years ago. This is truly my favorite Mexican restaurant in Austin. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu and lunch specials are great.


Reviewer: jack3_hn

Review Date: 04/27/2009 08:31PM

Rating: 0/+3(Ho hum)

<a href= ></a>

Love It!!!!!

Reviewer: Angie

Review Date: 04/21/2009 03:30PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I have been eating at Jardin for 6+ years now. I moved away from the area but still drive back whenever possible for the great food and wonderful service. Nothing bad to say at all, I love the lunch specials and they've even made them for me at dinner.

Reviewer: anonymous

Review Date: 03/25/2009 08:28PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

We go to Jardin Corona as often as possible! I love the queso, the enchiladas and the steak a la mexicana. We always take out of town guest there and they love it.


Reviewer: Whitney

Review Date: 12/16/2008 09:35PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I go more for dinner than anything, but they have amazing picadillo queso and their margaritas are top notch!

This place is special and cheap

Reviewer: Michael B

Review Date: 12/09/2008 03:46PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

Jardin Corona is where I take out of town guests to show off how good strip mall tex-mex can get.

The staff reviewer made several errors in his review. Most importantly, if he'd taken the trouble to visit more than once, he would know that the cheese enchiladas are the worst thing on the menu. The sauce is mild to the point of being bland, and indeed the cheese is colby/longhorn soft (not velveeta, duh.) These are just the thing for adventurous 4 year olds, or um, not adventurous grown-ups. Perfecly adequate,

If you require rice and beans on your plate, that's a personal problem, but you could have ordered from the regular menu, $5.99 for two enchiladas, three for just a buck more. And you can choose from any of the other half dozen sauces, try chicken, cheese or beef, or one of each, they do it without flinching.

The soft drink with lunch specials is a good value for most Texans, who couldn't face the afternoon without a fortifying ice tea or Dr. Pepper at lunch.

Take a look at the rest of the menu, there are actual mexican dishes, all your tex-mex favorites(exept puffy tacos) and the cheapest combination plates in town. If you order el super Tucan ($7.99) stay away from the chip basket beforehand or plan on sharing.

Awesome Mole!

Reviewer: Michele

Review Date: 11/06/2008 09:09PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

This is a fantastic restaurant. The parking stinks and it's in a strip mall, but the food is amazing. Try the cheese enchilada lunch special but ask for mole sauce instead. Chips and queso come with the special and two fajitas are perfect for lunch. The mole is the best in Austin, who'd have thought from this hole in the wall?


Reviewer: unname

Review Date: 10/14/2008 11:54PM

Rating: +2/+3(Goooood)

this is to da first comment...this guy is cheap and doesn't wanna waste any money on a!! people like that need to stay home and make there own meals..that way you won't have to waste any money!! do us a favor and to the one that said about guadalajara on lamar ive been there and that food is so gross it made me sick! and why would you want them to speak spanish to you...what if the mess up ur meal?? aren't we in America??

It's okay.

Reviewer: Ly

Review Date: 09/15/2008 05:05PM

Rating: 0/+3(Ho hum)

Firstly, to the person that called Jardin's cheese not "Velveeta-y" but instead "authentic Mexican cheese", what part of Mexico is this cheese from, Victoria, TX? It is not authentic. Panella is. The food is alright; I've eaten there twice and wasn't satisfied, but it wasn't terrible. I absolutely do not consider it "real" Mexican food because I've yet to find a Mexican or restaurant in Mexico that stuffs a chicken breast with anything. However, their breakfast tacos, which I've only had once, have definitely left me craving another...constantly!!!! If you like Mexican food that tastes more like something from Mexico, rather than just Texas, try Taqueria Guadalajara on N. Larmar; they know how to make a real meal and the girls were much more friendly, they even spoke to me in Spanish!

Good drinks, ok food.

Reviewer: Keely

Review Date: 07/06/2008 03:42AM

Rating: +2/+3(Goooood)

I've only been here once, but it was an overall pleasant experience. We went at like 630 on a saturday and only waited 15 minutes or so to get a table, which gave us a chance to get a margarita from the bar. Strong, huge, and tasty i say! I split a combination plate with one other person that came with 2 enchiladas, rice, beans, guac, and a taco. Plenty of food at a reasonable price - it wasn't anything extremely delicious but it was decent.

Great pople !!

Reviewer: Jesica

Review Date: 05/31/2008 06:47PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

This place has the best food ever !! and Alex Almada is great he is so nice i just love everything about this place >>

Love their breakfast tacos

Reviewer: Deb

Review Date: 03/07/2008 04:01AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I've eaten lunch, dinner, and breakfast here and love it. Not sure what the AusLunch reviewer is talking about when he says the cheese is too "velveeta-y" for him. This is the same authentic Mexican cheese that's served at the other establishment (Amaya's Taco Village) where he made the same comment in his review. Seems like this guy prefers Cheddar; not a Mexican cheese. Anyway, Jardin Corona has excellent food. My favorites are their breakfast tacos, carne guisada, and for dinner a chicken dish w/verde sauce and cheese on the chicken breast (sorry - can't remember the exact name). Also notable is the fact they have horchata on tap. Give this place a try - you won't regret it!!!!

Jardin Corona is my favorite Mexican Food in NorthWest Austin

Reviewer: Tom O

Review Date: 01/21/2008 05:47PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I love Jardin Corona.

I have not had one disappointing dish at Jardin Corona. I like the taste of their food over everything else I have had in NorthWest Austin. Many texmex places seem to over-season the food, but not Jardin Corona.

Combine that with the fact that they have a drive through, and that bumps it up higher. I call in my order from home, drive through to pick it ip, and bring it home to eat still piping hot.

because it's not tex mex

Reviewer: john

Review Date: 01/13/2008 02:54PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

If it does not seem tex mex to you that is becase it is not tex mex. It is mexican food, which is becoming rare in Austin. If you want tex mex you should stop by the grocery store and buy a can of beans and add some tomato sauce to some minute rice and enjoy!

I Love This Place

Reviewer: Sharon

Review Date: 10/23/2007 06:42PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I have lived in Austin area 5 years and this is the best of the over 20 Mexican Food Restaurants I have eaten at. I could eat Mexican Food 7 days a week and I have had better but it was in Pueblo Colorado and served with delicious green chili sauce, nothing like the green sauce here in Austin. I also love Jardin's "Pina Coladas", and queso is very good. The one on Pond Springs is my favorite and the food seems to be better than the one in Cedar Park. The waiters are friendly and I have always been very satisified with my food and service. The place is a little small, and no beautiful scenery, but if its good food with a good price you want, I would recommend Jardin Corona. I love this place.

Great Queso!!!

Reviewer: Jared

Review Date: 04/20/2007 01:19AM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I absolutely love this place and if you live out in Cedar Park, TX 78613 i go to the one there and the food is amazing, the atmosphere is definitely not first class, but who cares when the food is great. The one in Cedar Park does have rice and beans that come with the plates automatically and they do not charge for jalapenos or onions most of the time, depending on what waitor you have so that's not a problem, yes their chips and queso are to die for!!! : ) And their Papa Nachos are ridiculously amazing as well!!!! I recommend going there highly!

Great Food and Service!!!

Reviewer: Estrellita

Review Date: 06/15/2006 02:01PM

Rating: +3/+3(Great)

I have eaten at this restaurant a couple of times and it has become one of my favorite places to eat Mexican Food. I consider the food to be real Mexican food instead of Tex-Mex. It is an extremely clean environment and they have awesome waiters! After my first visit, I fell in love with Jardin Corona. I try to make a stop at least once a week and each time I try something new!!!

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